Straight hand grip for AK, Grip SG-M1-H/B, hard

In stock Vendor code: Grip SG-M1-H/B, hard
119 g.
PUFGUN (Russia)

The construction is simple and reliable. It doesn’t order rework of a gun, special elements or involvement of a specialist-gunmaker.

The grip is screw-attached (screws present in a set). Ergonomic construction lets hold the gun tightly. Textured ledge in the front part provides the comfortable location of trigger finger referred to the trigger.

Textured surface prevents sliding. All these factors increase comfort and shooting accuracy, reduce tiredness of a shooter.

The grip is produced with some corner from the vertical back. Such hold is more effective by counteraction of return. There is a cavity for reduction of weight in the grip. Excellent quality of production of details and connections is guaranteed. The product does not have additional noise in use. 

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