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Pufgun company is established in 2013 in Chelyabinsk.

Our work is mainly focused on development and production of arm component parts and armory accessories, based on AK and AR15 rifles.

We develop and produce various types of magazines and grips practically for all kinds of the domestic armory, made on the Kalashnikov base. Also, we produce magazines with different volume for AR-15 carbines. During the production process, we use high-quality glass-filled polyamide and polycarbonate. Our products have passed tests under harsh exploitation conditions and proved themselves to be durable and low-demanding in maintenance.

The production line, made by Pufgun, is constantly being extended with new models, which comply with the market demands. For the present moment, Pufgun company has almost replaced foreign producers in AR-15 and AK magazine segment. The advantage of  Pufgun products is their affordability and durability, which has been approved by the intensive exploitation in different conditions. Our company is actively collaborating with representatives of rifle community and national security departments, target shooting clubs, and target shooters. Сompany employees are regular participants of the competitions, held by Russian Federation of Practical Shooting, and other sports events.

The reviews of our company you can find on the thematic forums, pages of shooting mags and in social media.    

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